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A Blog Fighting Plagarism

The DIY Lawyer is constantly looking for resources that can be helpful to help the lay person understand legal issues involved in a myriad of problems and challenges. Ever so often, you across a resource — a book, a tool or website — that is just tailor made for a particular type of problem. Today I found a website that writers (that’s anyone who writes original content to be shared with others) should love and visit frequently — Plagarism Today.

Plagarism Today was started in 2005, by Jonathan Bailey, a self-described writer-GOAT (Geek Of All Trades), who grew tired of the plague of online plagarism. Instead of just complaining, he decided to do something about it and has wound up with quite an impressive body of work including instructional articles, such as “How To find Plagarism” and news analysis. In a minute or two, I am going to check out his piece on “creative barcodes” as a solution for freelancers. I suggest you check it out too and let our readers know what you think.

About the Author
Rhinold Ponder is the managing partner at Ponder Tuck Ponder, an aggressive firm which emphasizes litigation in consumer issuers and bankruptcy protection for debtors. Rhinold is also an accomplished artist and speaker on issues of consumer rights. He also operated The DIY Lawyer blog which focuses on redistributing justice and democracy by empowering through information sharing and education.

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