A DIY Lawyer Strategy To Consider: Abandoning Your Home

Abandoned Home

Home Abandonment: One Strategy To Carefully Consider If You Represent Yourself

As the recession-related financial pressure increases and viable solutions become more elusive, homeowners, with properties valued at less than the mortgages on them, and who are receiving little or no assistance from mortgage companies, the state or federal government, are making tough choices to save their families: many of them are choosing to abandon their homes leaving the properties to mortgage companies which refuse to assist them. Read More →


Welcome To Represent Yourself — The DIY Lawyer Blog

Welcome to Represent Yourself: The DIY Lawyer Blog.

Represent Yourself is a blog written especially for those readers who are facing legal challenges but are unable to afford to hire an attorney to represent them or help them develop solutions to their problems.  This is a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) or “How To” blog, for those individuals who find it necessary or appropriate to represent themselves as their own lawyer in a wide range of situations such as traffic court, employment negotiations, loan modifications and collection matters just to name a few.  Read More →