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Citibank Implicated In Interrogation Murder Over $5,700 Credit Card Debt


via Jonathan Turley blog via Washington Post

The death of Irzen Octa in interrogation in Jakarta has raised an outcry internationally. What is a bit surprising is that his interrogators were not Indonesian police but Citibank employees. The company who proclaims “your Citi never sleeps” appears to harshly interrogated the man for hours in a tiny room over just $5,700 on his Citibank credit card.

Octa, 50, was reportedly held in a room no larger than “the size of a broom closet” and was beaten. While some insist that there were blood stains on the floor, others question the report of physical abuse.

The bank offered Octa’s family a monthly stipend and life insurance for his widow, but she is suing for millions.

Even without physical abuse, there would be a powerful false imprisonment claim in the United States in the time, manner, and place of the interrogation as we have seen in other cases.


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