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Google invests $18.5 million into Rocket Lawyer

Pro Se legal representation a/k/a The DIY lawyer just got a multi-million dollar boost with Google Ventures’ investment of $18.5 million into Rocket Lawyer.  Rocket Lawyer refers to itself  as the “fastest growing online legal service”  while seeking to distinguish itself from its’ major competition, LegalZoom. Google’s move was definitely not  altruistic.  Currently, Rocket Lawyer, which offers on-line forms and attorney review, has 70,000 users a day and it reportedly has doubled its’ revenue for four years straight to more than $10 million this year.

Google’s entry into the legal arena is a clear sign that the practice of law is opening to new business models that support changes in how services are offered and how much control consumers — or clients as we call them — have over the work product that provides solutions.  What is even more intriguing than the money Google is bringing to the table, is the technology, branding opportunities and demographic outreach.



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Rhinold Ponder is the managing partner at Ponder Tuck Ponder, an aggressive firm which emphasizes litigation in consumer issuers and bankruptcy protection for debtors. Rhinold is also an accomplished artist and speaker on issues of consumer rights. He also operated The DIY Lawyer blog which focuses on redistributing justice and democracy by empowering through information sharing and education.

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