New Jersey Bankruptcy Is Beautiful

Dear Reader:

BANKRUPTCY is a beautiful solution to a myriad of financial problems that wreak havoc and rain dismay into the lives of honest, hardworking people like you.  Most people misunderstand bankruptcy because it has been given a bad reputation; it has become associated with personal failure and irresponsibility.  Those perceptions are false, erroneous and designed to keep you in an unnecessary state of futility and suffering.

Once you understand that BANKRUPTCY IS A SOLUTION, you will be able to easily grasp how important and transformative it can be in your life if you are burdened by unresolvable debt issues.

Equally important to understand is that in New Jersey bankruptcy is not the final solution; it is really not the solution of final resort that many people, including bankruptcy attorneys, portray it as.  BANKRUPTCY IS A SOLUTION that regenerates life and allows you to begin it anew as a functional, not dysfunctional, member of society and the marketplace.

What does bankruptcy solve?  BANKRUPTCY IS A SOLUTION when your financial situation is dire and your debt levels and structure make it virtually impossible to be happy and to handle all the financial obligations you have accrued while honestly pursuing the American Dream.

 BANKRUPTCY IS A SOLUTION when your debt is impossible to pay off given your level of income compared to your expenses.  I put it to my clients simply: BANKRUPTCY IS A SOLUTION when the NUMBERS DON'T WORK and your creditors won't work with you.   In America, it takes most of us awhile to admit that the numbers just don't work.  Among the reasons for this disposition is that we don't want to admit any type of failure, We are also hopeful and aspirational  and we believe through our faith that things will get better.  But the reality is that sometimes things don't get better until we make them better.  Sometimes we must find the right solution and employ it to make a situation better.  Sometimes the numbers don't work and the best solution is BANKRUPTCY.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but where losing your home to foreclosure is ugly, BANKRUPTCY is BEAUTIFUL.  Where constant pressure of debt collector  phone calls is nasty, BANKRUPTCY is BEAUTIFUL.  Where the  life is disfigured from mounting health care bills and unemployment, BANKRUPTCY is BEAUTIFUL.


Welcome to the BANKRUPTCY IS BEAUTIFUL movement  where this website is designed to provide you with the mindset and the information you need to determine whether filing bankruptcy is right for you.  Here we will inform you in simple but meaningful terms.  We will give you a lot of information -- some might say too much -- but it is our belief at Ponder Tuck Ponder, that working with informed clients who understand the possible solutions is in everyone's best interest. An informed client is our best partner to crafting solutions that will address a client's needs.

So browse around. Read about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 or go to our Bankruptcy FAQ section. When you are ready, push one of the RESET YOUR LIFE buttons on the site so that you can contact us to bring a little more beauty back into your life.

Sincerely Yours


Rhinold Lamar Ponder

Managing Partner , Ponder Tuck  Ponder

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