via Jonathan Turley blog via Washington Post The death of Irzen Octa in interrogation in Jakarta has raised an outcry internationally. What is a bit surprising is that his interrogators were not Indonesian police but Citibank employees. The company who proclaims “your Citi... Read More →
Today was a good DIY Lawyer day.  Actually every day I wake up and get up is a pretty good day, but today was a little better than usual in dealing with do-it-yourself lawyers, because one of my prospective clients previously handled a matter on his own which allows me to... Read More →
The following quote from an article by Paul Lippe, the founder and CEO of  LegalOnRamp, in an ABA article, “How Many Clients Do Sleepy Lawyers Hurt,” caught my attention as I was just about to take a 10-15 minute regenerative nap during lunch time: Despite the bas... Read More →
Via New Jersey Law Journal Four of New Jersey’s six largest mortgage servicers got approval Monday to resume uncontested foreclosures after demonstrating they have taken steps to remedy improper “robo-signing” and other shoddy practices. Mercer County Superior... Read More →
Pro Se legal representation a/k/a The DIY lawyer just got a multi-million dollar boost with Google Ventures’ investment of $18.5 million into Rocket Lawyer.  Rocket Lawyer refers to itself  as the “fastest growing online legal service”  while seeking to distinguish itself... Read More →
The state of foreclosures nationwide is a mess.  It is ruining lives and the marketplace.  There is little relief in sight from the lenders, state and federal legislators or the courts despite piecemeal efforts to ease the pain and destruction of communities caused by the... Read More →
This is not an anti-lawyer blog. We absolutely need lawyers especially since they provide so much material for good and bad television, and lend themselves well to good humor. DIY lawyers could always use a laugh. Hopefully, today’s comedic post puts a smile on your face... Read More →
(Every once in a while, “Represent Yourself – The DIY Lawyer Blog” will drop five of the best and most informative links on you here from around the blogosphere.  We won’t necessarily order them in terms of quality and importance.  Our goal is simply to drop the knowledge while... Read More →
The DIY Lawyer is constantly looking for resources that can be helpful to help the lay person understand legal issues involved in a myriad of problems and challenges. Ever so often, you across a resource — a book, a tool or website — that is just tailor made for a... Read More →


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