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Rhinold is an exceptional attorney who is honest and realistic. Whether you are looking for legal advice or face pending litigation, I would not hesitate to hire Rhinold. I believe Rhinold will have your best legal interests in mind and make his recommendation on that fact regardless of cost. I highly recommend Rhinold Ponder.

Janet A. Hutton

I would highly recommend Ponder Tuck Ponder. They provided great customer service and were very nice.  I was living paycheck to paycheck and not able to catch up with payments. The process helped me save more and gave me financial freedom

L. Henderson

Rhinold counseled my family and I in a long, hard fought legal battle. He was patient, and generous with his time. He was caring and comforting when we worried. He was a tenacious advocate for the truth. He never wavered. He was our champion. I highly recommend Rhinold Ponder, my attorney, my friend.

K. Kammerer

Absolutely would recommend.  In complex and difficult matters Mr. Ponder has the deep knowledge and savvy to address the personal concerns and ensure the legal issues are kept paramount.

Albert C.

I got into financial trouble.  People were going into my bank account and were taking whatever money and I would end up owing more fees if I had not filed bankruptcy. Absolutely I would recommend Ponder Tuck Ponder, especially if Angela and Marti are there.

W. Charleston

I filed for bankruptcy because of credit card debt.  It relieved all the pressure from debt collectors. Yes, I would recommend Ponder Tuck Ponder.

J. Pippa

I was really forced to file bankruptcy. I was told that I owed money that I did not. Filing bankruptcy helped me stay in my home. I would have been in foreclosure if I never filed. If there is no other way to get out of your situation, then yes I would recommend bankruptcy. Yes, I would recommend Ponder Tuck Ponder. 

K. Ali

I was in a car accident and Mr. Ponder helped me reach an agreeable settlement.  Yes, I would recommend other people to PonderTuckPonder.

S. Ingram


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