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Welcome To Represent Yourself — The DIY Lawyer Blog

Welcome to Represent Yourself: The DIY Lawyer Blog.

Represent Yourself is a blog written especially for those readers who are facing legal challenges but are unable to afford to hire an attorney to represent them or help them develop solutions to their problems.  This is a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) or “How To” blog, for those individuals who find it necessary or appropriate to represent themselves as their own lawyer in a wide range of situations such as traffic court, employment negotiations, loan modifications and collection matters just to name a few. 

As administrator and lead writer for this blog, I firmly believe that the law and the ability for an individual to represent herself in a complex legal system should be more accessible to all Americans.  Too often, the legal system seems too complicated and the process too expensive for most citizens who are forced into unfavorable positions and circumstances by their inability to protect themselves.  Equally as important is that the lack of knowledge regarding the law and legal system perpetuates a litigious society instead of encouraging quick resolution of conflicts.

It is time for the legal process in America to be more democratic.  It is the mission or Represent Yourself – The DIY Lawyer Blog to make the process more accessible to you through news, commentary, analysis and humor.

I am Rhinold Ponder and have been very blessed to have received an expensive high quality legal education and loads of experience in the legal system.  A graduate of New York University and an Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious NYU Review of Law and Social Change, I have been practicing law in New Jersey since 1987 when I was a clerk in the Appellate Division.  Since then I’ve had the opportunity to represent hundreds of individuals in a wide range of matters including matrimonial, real estate, employment, criminal and education. I have been a municipal prosecutor as well as a public defender.  I’ve served on a variety of professional committees including ethics and fee arbitration committees. Currently my legal practice focuses on bankruptcy and a range of civil litigation matters that I am in a position to hand pick according to my passion and available resources to resolve challenges.  However, I have often found myself frustrated because I often cannot help those who cannot afford my services, but who definitely need help avoiding an unjust result to their problem.

I now look forward to sharing this knowledge with those who need it most.  It is important to understand that this blog is not going to provide you legal advice specific to your particular issue or problem, but it will be a guide for you, like law school and the wide variety of classes and books available to lawyers after school were to me.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from my quest to make the law more accessible to you, the DIY Lawyer.

About the Author
Rhinold Ponder is the managing partner at Ponder Tuck Ponder, an aggressive firm which emphasizes litigation in consumer issuers and bankruptcy protection for debtors. Rhinold is also an accomplished artist and speaker on issues of consumer rights. He also operated The DIY Lawyer blog which focuses on redistributing justice and democracy by empowering through information sharing and education.

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